The Dissimilarities between NFL and College Football Impacts Handicapping

Both NFL and college football offers bettors a chance to make money. There is no need to gain extra knowledge because the majority of handicapping strategies work equally with both. Unfortunately, many football bettors focus on just one of them. Handicappers limit themselves and miss the chance of earning money.

Before you start wagering on Betufa, understand the difference between NFL and college football. As well as, learn how to deal with the variation and grab betting opportunities.

Betting opportunities available

In the NFL you can wager on regular seasons [256 games], Super Bowls & playoffs [10], and NFL Pro Bowl [1]. Thus every NFL game offers a plethora of betting options. College Football includes the Football Bowl Subdivision and the NCAA division. The former has ten separate conferences and altogether 128 teams play 10-13 games every season.

So, in comparison, the games played every season are more in college football, so the betting options are also more. Handicappers find it hard to research and evaluate the dozens of games played every week. However, they are generally aware of the NFL but concentrate on a couple of FBS to follow. Maintain narrow focus and play safe as a handicapper.

Teams & Players quality

Without any doubt the team’s and players’ quality concerning professionalism is NFL. It does not impact anything from a handicapping viewpoint. In college, the kids are still learning the game, so never expect any type of steadiness as in the professionals. Therefore, it becomes hard to decide which college team will perform better. Handicapper finds it hard to detect the strengths and weaknesses clearly.

Media coverage

Both NFL and college football gets coverage from the media. However, the NFL gains wide coverage where every single game and team is given a lot of attention. Therefore, handicappers find it easy to bet on the NFL. Information is power and bettors can take advantage of game reports, statistics, expert views, analysis, injury reports, and more moving across the internet or on TV news, or in the Newspaper.

Big college football teams get lots of coverage nationally and locally but not on the same scale as the NFL. Handicappers need to work a lot to find information at the college level.

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